Thursday, 10 December 2015

Did it change or did I grow up?

We live in a world where right and wrong got mixed up. Good and evil, permitted and prohibited. Culture and sophistication seen as backward. 
Everyone judges, but won't allow other to judge. 
Norms and values have lost their value, and virtue? Backward yet again. 

We're not banknotes! We don't have to be identical. We can be different, at least we could still feed our needs by learning from each other. If we hate DIFFERENT, and upon that we'd justify cancelling or killing each other; we'll exhaust one trait of our human self and leave the rest untouched .. leading to lack of balance, within one's self. 

I was a writer. I used to write a lot. Poetry, articles, diaries and many letters. But then I ditched it all for reality. A fake reality that I thought it was worth fighting for, worth letting my guard down and to let people in my inner world and see my weaknesses and hopes; giving them a dagger to stab me where it hurts whenever it’s convenient! Sounds like what daddy's girl gonna say? Well, there's a direct link between weakness and humanity. And today I'm stronger than ever, i'm not afraid of weaknesses. 

I ditched it .. I thought that I was living in my head and I was detached from reality, and for some reason I stopped. But the pride of my work lived with me. 
In my reality I was living the stories of people I met, their stories and their pain. I lived it. Then when I was alone (and I was often alone), I relived their pain and adopted it, then wrote about it. I was feeling human. I was understanding those in need, and able to help because I shared their burden in a tiny bit of my heart. 

I also travelled a lot, met a lot of people of different nations, races, religions .. and visited their homes. I’ve been kicked out of towns, and received in others. I lived the life of many different kinds of people. I went to parties, conferences, book reading clubs, parades, protests, bon-fires, road trips, home parties, unplanned travels. I wasted time, and invested my other time in good purposes .. but still never gotten a chance to find the perfect lifestyle that I would call humane. 

Politics .. has stolen so much from me. Its has stolen so much that I can’t even find one dream I had that doesn’t fear the political status of today’s world. 
There are a lot of great humane traits in all societies, and many peaceful movements and moreover, peaceful minds .. but politics has it’s own way into tearing the forces apart and rip them off of their humanity. 
What does politics have to do with my dreams? People see me DIFFERENT in a way or another. 

Wrong, is he who thinks that DIFFERENT applies only to one from a different land or race or school. Even members in a given patriotic political party in one country fight and undergo the filter of beliefs. I’m not different, I’m not THE OTHER, I’m just ANOTHER human-being. But people forget, and they see all the differences in times or disagreement or sorrow. 
Forgetfulness is a grace, not a bad thing by the way .. that’s why I’m free today. I forgot a lot of things and today I’m just happy. 

I’m happy today but I fear tomorrow. How could I trust what I trusted before and failed me .. !! .. " You never fail until to stop trying". Albert Einstein. 

“One whom has read history, have added life to his own”. 
For long I was thinking that life have become very different and too harsh, but then I remember all the stories and problems societies have faced upon the course of history. It doesn’t really take a genius to realize that our world today is not unique or different from everything humanity has faced before. In the matter of fact, even the transitions from a norm to another has been recorded and can be recited and measured on today’s life. 

Life has evolved, everything has evolved ..  but one thing that DID NOT is manipulation. Today we only have given names to every behaviour and can tell what technique was used to overthrow this thing or promote that. 

W. H. Audin wrote: “Evil is always unspectacular, and always HUMAN”. It’s that simple. It’s that simple to create a new circle and stuck a herd of people in it, narrow down a circle or widen up another. 

Vengeance is a true and genuine human trait. Holy books have agreed on that too. If any man has had his beloved one killed “murdered”, they’d seek vengeance. “Whose sheddeth a man’s blood, by man shall is blood be shed” Genesis 9:6. 
There’s only one emerging face of humanity that has changed. Killing is bad so punishing by killing is bad = justice is not served via applying the ugly act upon the criminal. But still, Justice must be delivered by authorities, not by the hands of the victim’s family. 
If authorities didn’t serve justice, or served in favour of the criminal; then the family filled with sadness and anger will react in a way to serve justice as they view it. 
Every step of the scenario is justified by one mean or more, different means maybe going through different societies and age groups. 
It’s completely rational in one society, and completely not in another. 
“The irrationality of a thing, is not an argument against it’s existence, rather a condition of it”. Fred Nietzsche. 

Timeline of humanity has changed in many aspects, but those aspects influencing the society upon the human traits got their impact clear and not too difficult to predict or engineer. Simply because traits have not changed, because humans remain humans. 
For that manipulation has not evolved in heart, rather only in form and we already know what to call it whenever we see any part of it. 
In fact, we learn manipulation since the 3rd month of our lives so it’s not really big news. 

People tend to believe they know it all .. know everything. Well, men wear napkins. A straight line or a triangle should the napkin be for an official business meeting? 

After all; the only way to re-huamanise and individual who discriminates is to ask them who they define themselves as or as what they identify themselves, and then show them that they are subject to criticism too because everybody is. That’ll fast forward the whole conversation into hatred-based; but it’ll show everyone that no one is perfect nor necessarily is part of a circle. And if it must be one; then human be it.