Thursday, 19 May 2016

Coffee Road Trips .. !! ..

You make plans, revise them and fix some loop wholes through which you can get back to the core just in case things get heat up and you have to slow down a bit. 
When the core of the plans blow up, you’re left with nothing. Maybe loop wholes remain scattered alongside the path of your life that remind you of who you were and where you were heading, but we all got attachments to the past that affect us for seconds when we come across reminders.  

These plans are indifferent from signing an end of life agreement and afterwards you find out you’ve been misdiagnosed and this is actually only a first wave of an epidemic, that you luckily have survived. The good news is; you’re going to live. Bad news! a long misguided life. 

What to do? what to do? Let’s experiment. 

It’s engraved in the bottom of humans to fear the big things in life and undermine the little things. 
I made a decision to put this statue upside down for a while. I’ve decided to find the best coffee latte in this city. So, whenever I’m not working the night, right after night fall I choose a direction and drive until I find a cafe to try their coffee latte, or “cafe au lait” .. check their grind, the milk and every composition. I’ve tried so many, good and horrible mugs until I found one last week. 
Despite how perfect that coffee and cafĂ© were; I feel empty. 

I feel empty, again. And the only explanation I can give at the given moment, is because I made a sponge out of myself to absorb everything related to the big thing in life and focus on it. The coffee. When I had it, time runs again and the world starts spinning again and I feel the urge to keep moving but I have no idea where to go because I have reached my final destination and .. need a while to figure out what to do next. 

It was safe to put the tiny things in the place of big things because losing or winning with these things have me carry no burden. Society, family, friends, age .. no burden at all. It’s just a stupid thing that you tell and laugh about it with friends and heavily worried people. 
Now, what’s with the fear of big things? Why do we hesitate and double check we’re on the right path and seek approval and validation or our aim, direction and even question our intuitions .. and fear people’s looks down the way .. !! .. 

Is it the years we spend on things to happen? is the emotional and kinetic energy we push for them to happen? is it the static energy that magnetizes our surrounding and small enclosed circle? 

Well, one thing I understand .. humans are the kind of animals that form herds. A decision made by one, for their very own self, affects the static energy of the rest in close proximity. Huh, ok that’s true. 
Oh, wait. That’s what they call a nation. Or society maybe. 
Society is the effects and nation the common interests? Anyways, it’s the system that’s just there and you dare not to crush, deceive nor escape. Just obey. 

Nietzsche wrote: “the individual has always had to struggle, to see from being overwhelmed by the tribe.” 

Well, look at the world .. you’re society and whatever surrounds you. Everyone thinks “safe”. Everyone knows some standards and they abide. It’s like we’ve been engineered to be engulfed in small bubbles based on some properties .. you name them. 
Forget society and their tiny little standards. 

Why people are so quick into judging? Why is “the first impression is the last impression”? 
Only a long term exposure will force an individual to re-evaluate. There’s always a first impression .. then after tolerating the nonsense for quite a while comes the .. “you’re actually, this and that, after all. Not so bad”. 
I think everyone deserves a maid .. because human’s ego is too large for a one individual to carry, they need that kind of aid, even. 

So, how to play it safe? They should never see you coming. Low and slow to go through. 

Now, I made my precious latte adventures in a time full of hatred, violence, hunger and horrible circumstances the world is experiencing as a form of observational step of the elite’s experimental process. 
The little bitter taste of coffee grain at the bottom of the cup is what I’m seeking. It’s a game. The truth is .. I’m not the only player. I just chose coffee as my bait .. and I “the human” am theirs. 

You too, my friend .. you too.