Thursday, 21 April 2016

The Notebook!

I have been sick. I smoke and that’s bad, I know .. since I started lighting up I get sick every year. I need to quit, I know. But people do stupid things for reasons I might explain one day. 
When I get sick, simply, I make a giant pot of something soupy and bring the magic tea kit nearby and get bored in bed. So, I decided to watch something .. that doesn’t involve much thinking. 

A stupid movie flashed out on the hard drive and I decided to watch it one more time to see what’s it really about that gotten everybody mad about it. I played the Notebook. 

I made a cup of regular tea “addiction” and watched it. While it’s playing I caught myself multiple times thinking “what an irresponsible action” .. “what an immature man” .. “what a childish girl” .. “what an arrogant mother” .. and once his white house was ready I was like  .. “what a sour tea” since I can’t taste a thing and all that’e left for me is a physiological function of my tongue that decided my delicious tea is actually sour. 

I just realized one thing. Yes, I hate politicians but in fact I agree with myself when I thought “I respect politicians”. 

Have you ever read the label printed on the inner wall of a shampoo bottle while showering? despite the fact that you like you’re new choice because this shampoo smells really nice .. when the bottle is full, you really enjoy reading the label inside more than if it was printed outside. It’s really fun. The letters are big, and you can play with the fraction line of light to enlarge half of the word and so. 
It’s like seeing your finger print on one face of a crystal from another surface opposite to it. A crystal got many surfaces “faces”. Just because the one close to your eye is shiny “reflection of light”, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy seeing your finger print on another surface through the first. 

Politicians are normal people who go through a lot to put on a form of balance between what people need and what the elite dictate, simple. 
We .. are not very much different. We, in fact, are prisoners. 

I’m a prisoner. I leave home “or whatever that cold space is called” at 7 in the morning, get overworked “convinced I’m important” and cannot be free before 6 in the evening when I start to look for a meal and a desk to study hard for a few hours then fall asleep with a click. I’m serious, I just lay on bed and that’s it. 
I get 6 on-calls per month, during each I steal minutes to eat and smoke .. If I’m lucky I’d raise my legs for a while. By the end of the month; I get money to spend on shopping with no time to shop at all. So, I have to convince myself that I’m working not for the money “because it’s obviously useless”, rather to help people help themselves .. so they can get back to their own prison they call a job and raise money they have no time to utilize.

Now, when I get a chance to look at my bank statement I find much of that money, I’ve been given as a reward for the job I do, sent to multiple companies .. electricity, water, telecom, and many others. Yes, I remember signing all those contracts in order to make my flat on the west coast .. a beautiful home. 
Well, how do that paraplegic patient pay his bills? He’s been with my team for a month. He must be rich “smirk”. 

The politician is the one who’s convicted “by the society” for the crime of poor people for them not to have warm food, water, electricity and maybe formula powder for their children. 
But, we’re all hamsters in this system dictated by the elite. We’re all living our life running behind the “money”. 

How did 7 billion people gotten convinced that money is all that matters and simple needs are what’s today is called major elements of life? Houses in the city, fancy cars, accessories, plenty of food to throw away form the dining table, and a few other irrational things. 
The sad part is, if one of us doesn’t have those things .. we’d call him/her an unfortunate .. or less fortunate. Really ..!!.. 

See! We’re so busy and consumed that we cannot utilize the frontal lobes of our brains for one more task. How’re those less fortunate families doing? How did they survive winter? And that’s the point. We’re locked up, we have no communication with the outside world .. the very adjacent to us .. the rest of our own society that we try hard to fit in. 

What do we do? Correct. We get a lunatic from the media to tell us about them. 
Here’s a question. What happens to any one who gets enormously famous due to successful show on youtube or any other free media? Correct again. They get a contract with one of the major companies .. and correct again. Those companies are owned by the elite. 

It’s quite dangerous when someone gets famous “a role model” for a huge base of followers because that’s simply “influence” so the elite will hire anyone with “influence” to keep the vast majority of the crowd under control. So, through them, since we idolized them, they can dictate us over and over again. 

I’m really sorry McAdams got dementia and cannot remember Noah or her children. It was an epic love story. And if anyone believes they cannot get something because of stupid things like the stuff that kept Noah and .. what as her name in the film again!! Anyways .. the things that kept them apart, then they’re delusional. Because responsibility as much as it’s a norm, it’s a value too. You’re responsible for your success and happiness. If responsibility restrains your hands from reaching into happiness and forces you into accepting swallowing a blade; then you’re not a responsible person, you’re just a follower .. and have accepted the new religion blindlessley .. the religion of the elite .. it’s called Obedience. 

I’m glad I didn’t go to work today, although it sounds irresponsible because I had to ask my teammates to care for my patients and check on them, but on the other hand I’m being responsible for caring for myself and regaining my strength so I can help when I’m fit for the job, again. 

Oh, and that thing about my sour tea! It's life when you've got nothing to lose, you see what you are, truly. So, think again ..!!.. 

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